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SPELL Mini-BI - Edit Mode Demo


To display the chart on this demo:
  1. Collect the data:
    • enter the url of the grouped SharePoint view that contains the data.
      This live demo is based on Airline Online Stats,
      you can choose one of the following grouped views:
      By Carrier and State (filtered to show only 4 carriers)
      By State and Carrier (filtered to display only 5 states)
      By Month and Carrier
    • Press "1. Collect Data".
      The page will collect the information from the url and populate the options in section 2.
  2. Render the chart
    • Select your options (chart type, size, rendered value).
    • Press "2. Render Chart"
  3. To test other configurations, change the options and press "2. Render Chart" again.
  4. To work with a different view, go back to step one.