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version 0.9 - Copyright (c) 2010 Christophe Humbert

On a SharePoint page, the above bookmarklet adds a Print Preview icon to each Web Part, next to the title. It works for both SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010.


You don't need edit rights to use it, the bookmarklet will work as long as you have read access to the page.

Try it now: click on the "Print Preview for Web Parts" link above, and watch the script run on this page.

PrintPreview.PngClick on the Print Preview icon to display the Web Part alone on the page.
BackToPage.PngClick on the back icon to go back to the page.

The bookmarklet has been tested in Internet Explorer (7+) and Firefox.




Browsers allow you to save not only URLs, but also scripts as bookmarks (Firefox, Safari) or favorites (Internet Explorer). These special links that contain scripts are known as bookmarklets, or favelets.
To save a bookmarklet, just do like for regular bookmarks: right click on the link, and select "Add to Favorites" (Internet Explorer) or "Bookmark". Because the link contains code, you'll get a warning. Only accept bookmarklets from trusted sources! Your bookmarklet is then ready for use.
When you select a bookmark, the browser loads the corresponding Web page. When you select a bookmarklet, the browser remains on the current page and runs the script.
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