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Solutions for SP 2010 - Solutions for SharePoint 2010. Check out the SP 2007 field to see if the solution is compatible with SP 2007.  Solutions for SP 2010

Color-Coding-Calendar-ListColor Coding for Calendars and ListsYesYes
Easy-Tabs-v5Easy Tabs v5YesYes
If-You-Need-HelpIf You Need HelpYesYes
Image-RotatorImage RotatorYesYes
Page-RedirectPage RedirectYesYes
Bookmarklet-Expand-Collapse-Web-PartsBookmarklet - Expand/Collapse Buttons for Web PartsYesYes
Bookmarklet-Print-Preview-Web-PartsBookmarklet - Print Preview for Web PartsYesYes
Cross-Site-List-SnapshotCross-Site List SnapshotYesYes
SP2010-Tasks-Lists-RollupTasks Lists Rollup for SharePoint 2010NoYes
Pie-Bar-Chart-ConnectorPie and Bar Charts (Google Connector)YesYes

Solutions for SP 2007  Solutions for SP 2007

Color Coding for Calendars and ListsYesYes
Easy Tabs v5YesYes
If You Need HelpYesYes
Image RotatorYesYes
Page RedirectYesYes
Bookmarklet - Expand/Collapse Buttons for Web PartsYesYes
Bookmarklet - Print Preview for Web PartsYesYes
Cross-Site List SnapshotYesYes
Tasks Lists Rollup for SharePoint 2007YesNo
Announcements Rollup for SharePoint 2007YesNo
Pie and Bar Charts (Google Connector)YesYes

 About the Toolkit



SharePoint offers powerful ways to retrieve and render information. Unfortunately, advanced customizations are often out of reach for end users, sometimes because they involve advanced techniques, or, most often, just because people are not aware of such capabilities.

​The purpose of the SharePoint User Toolkit is to facilitate this discovery process. In a matter of minutes, and end user with site owner permissions can implement a color-coded calendar, a tabbed interface, countdowns, or list rollups.

Note that the solutions are provided for demo purposes. If you consider them for large scale deployments, be sure to review the implications in terms of maintenance and upgradability.

For questions and more advanced solutions, you're welcome to contact me at


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