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 Build and Learn


​​At User Managed Solutions, we are promoting a unique app​roach to SharePoint customization.

Our solutions leverage SharePoint's standard features - views, calculated columns, workflows, etc. Users can plug them directly to their sites. Or use them as building blocks to set up their own solutions, building at the same time their SharePoint skills.

Our solutions run on SharePoint 2007 (wss, MOSS), SharePoint 2010 (Foundation, MSS), Office 365. They are used on hundreds of sites around the world, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses.

Why don't you give them a try? Start today by exploring the free tools available in our SharePoint User Toolkit.




At User Managed Solutions, we are not going to ask you to sit in a class and listen to us as we review each menu and sub-menu on the page.

We believe that SharePoint should be a hands-on experience, where you build your own path based on your specific needs and motivations. We'll stay at your side to watch you grow, and give you a push when needed.

Contact us to learn more about our online trainings and one-on-one sessions.

 Web Design


​SharePoint might not be the first tool that comes to mind for building public sites. But if you are already using SharePoint for collaboration, then you have in your hands all the tools to build a responsive, content driven website.

Contact us to get started, in your own environment, on Office 365, or using one of our hosting solutions.


 SharePoint Hosting


User Managed Solutions LLC is a Microsoft Partner for Office 365. You are welcome to contact us for a test drive!

If your deployment requires dedicated application pools and a dedicated database, our partner Staunch Hosting, a security expert, offers affordable and secure SharePoint hosting for Foundation or MSS.

And if you're just looking for a sandbox, the Staunch offer starts at USD 6/month!​​


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